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Payments & eCommerce

We have experience with payment gateway integrations, physical terminals, IoT solutions for unattended payments, digital payments, crypto payments and cash management solutions as well. Payment solutions are almost always within the context of completing a commerce transaction, complementing our e-Commerce platform experience across eBay, Magento, Shopify, Woo, and BigCommerce. Integration experience with Paypal, Stripe, Square and others. 

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Beer Bottles

Beverage & Supply Chain

Beverage industry supply chain management is complex and is a vertical we know well. Whether it is route delivery optimization , managing material supply, tracking shrinkage across the delivery lifecycle, or simply understanding how to best reach the customer when selling new products, give us a call. We understand bottled beverages, coffe and the wine industry the best!

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Business Meeting

Insurance & Finance

Managing massive amounts compliant data is a huge responsibility.  With over a  decade of experience in property casualty and HIPPA compliant health insurance, we can help. Experience across trade and settlement systems, core banking and financial compliance means we can help clean up those non-compliant systems. 

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Video & Advertising

Deep experience working with video, streaming video and frame-by-frame processing using intelligent systems to extract information from video streams in real time. Application of artificial intelligence to video stream processing and integration of real-time advertising capabilities. Our background includes VAST & VPAID experience, publisher integrations and more.

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