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Commerce & Payments

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Paying with a Phone
  • Payment Processor Integration

  • Person to Person Payments

  • B2B Commerce

  • DTC Models

  • Shopify/Woo/BigCommerce/eBay/Magento

  • Optmized Reporting

  • Catalog / Category Cleanups

  • Paypal & Stripe Integrations

  • PCI Compliance Audit

  • Data Security & Risk Evaluations


We have experience with payment gateway integrations, physical terminals, IoT solutions for unattended payments, digital payments, crypto payments and cash management solutions as well. Payment solutions are almost always within the context of completing a commerce transaction. These capabilities complemente our e-Commerce platform experience across eBay, Magento, Shopify, Woo, and BigCommerce. Integration experience with Paypal, Stripe, Square and others. Experienced at reducing PCI and compliance scope to acceptable risk levels. 

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