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Areas of Expertise

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Seasoned consultants providing the leadership you need. From project management and budget reconcilliation to C-Suite interim and fractional roles, we have the resources you need. 

Our founder has four decades of engineering experience and has delivered sytems in a dozen different verticals. We bring those years of engineering design expertise into every client.

technology services

Petabytes of data and no real information? We can help you sift the good from the bad and devise a data strategy which will provide valuable intelligence regarding your business. Data points must be nurtured and cultivated to yield valuable information. Large scale analytics across multi-variant datasets is a core skillset for us. 


Aren't sure of your IT footprint? Which server is used for what purpose? Is it legacy? or is it critical for uptime? We understand cloud migrations and the impact they have had on TCO and how to bring it back under control. Experience with ITIL, specifically CMDB Discovery and how it links to application portfolio management. Skilled at full scale native cloud deployments in both Azure and AWS.


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