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Company Information


Our Story


Originally named for “Ockham’s Razor”, Razer Technology uses the “e” as a play on words. The “e” means we like to keep our engineering easy. Technology, product design, engineering, and all the things that go with it can be complicated. So why make it harder? Ockham’s Razor is the principal on which “KISS” is founded. Keeping things simple and easy is at the heart of what good technology leadership is all about.


History says that William of Ockham actually meant that the best explanation is comprised of as few elements as are required to make the explanation fully viable. KISS can often be mis-interpreted as “we should simplify things”. That is only the case if simplifying things doesn’t break what’s required in the first place!


RazerTech was founded in 2006 after Tom concluded a stint of three years with eBay managing the Half.com site as CTO. The years spent with eBay brought Tom his foundational experience in e-Commerce and payments at scale. His love of software development and education in software engineering led him to start RazerTech as a software solutions company. 

Today, seventeen years and many projects later, we’ve shifted to bring that hands on management expertise to the C-Suite by coaching, counseling, and advising on all matters related to technology. RazerTech is a boutique firm with a small number of trusted partners who help deliver our engagements year after year.


We believe in a culture of trust, equality, and opportunity. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Our Locale

East Coast USA:

Philadelphia / New York Corridor

West Coast USA: 

San Francisco / San Jose

Bay Area

Conctact Us

Tel: 1-920-322-7399

eMail: contact@razertech.com

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Privacy & Terms of Use


We respect your privacy and will not share any personal information submitted on this website outside of RazerTech or any of it's sub-brands.


Please see our terms page for our full privacy policy and terms of use.

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