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Consulting Services

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

customer journey mapping

Customer Journey Mapping & clickstone.io

Are you working to understand your customer journey? Getting your customer metrics under one pane of glass for ALL your digital properties can help reduce friction in your customer journey, improve customer sat scores and lead to greater conversions. Clickstone.io is a sub-brand of Razer Technology. Call us today for a demonstration!

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Fractional CTO & Interim CTO

Interim, temp and full time CTO consulting resources are available. Experienced engineering and IT leadership resources are available to cover your needs. Fixed price engagements are available for strategic planning and resource optimization.

Chess Board

Organizational A.I. Strategy

ChatGPT has us all going crazy! If you aren't at least thinking about A.I. and how to use it, you are BEHIND the curve. Your competition is using A.I. every day to drive better results, become more competitive and reduce their operating costs. Let us get you started with an A.I. strategy.


Impulse Incubator for Startups

Got an idea? Have a few resources? Just can't seem to make the progress you thought you would? It's easy as a start up to get side-tracked and burn down your precious capital. We offer short burst engagements to help get a team back on track and get out of the mud. This program is available ONLY to funded startups.


Portfolio Rationalization

Has your application portfolio grown out of control? Has is become near impossible to implement even basic standards like single sign-on? or Cloud migration? We can help organize your application portfolio and rationalize your spending priorities.


Supplier Outsourcing Selection

Conducting dilligence on a new supplier? Let us help. We can organize your RFI and RFP processes and help manage the selection of a vendor. From projects to managed services, picking the right technology supplier can make all the difference. 


People & Process Optimization

Moving to agile? Struggling with IT operations? We have experience across many different SDLC's and operations models. Let us help you get your technology operation running smoothly! Experienced in process transformation for software development and engineering lifecycle activity.

Crime Scene Tape

Technology Kaizen Event

Tried everything? Still can't quite nail the root cause of the problem? Schedule a Kaizen session and allow a fresh set of eyes to methodically walk the problem and drive out the facts. An optimum Kaizen will take a full week of participation. A two day survey session is also available, but we can't gaurantee resolution. Eliminate the impossible and what you have left, not matter how improbable must be the truth!

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