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What is a Fractional CTO anyhow?

Fractional & Interim CTO Roles

A Fractional CTO is an experienced technology executive who serves as the part-time chief technology officer (CTO) for organizations that otherwise could not afford or would not need a full time executive.

  • Vendor Agnostic - the CTO is mostly focused on the needs of the business and is not selling on behalf of technology suppliers or vendors

  • Big Picture - they must understand the role of technology within the context of the business

  • Experience Counts - A strategic CTO can still be hands-on, but their last job shouldn't have been writing code full time or handling email migrations.

  • Consigliere - The CTO is literally the counsel and "partner in crime" to the leadership

  • ROI - A CTO Must ensure the technology investments pay off in the form of reduced expenses or greater revenue opportunities

  • Risk Management – Compliance, Information Security and Systems Security are all bread and butter for any CTO

What a fractional CTO can do for you

Most businesses need a senior technology leader who understands the company’s business plan and can provide technology insight, direction and planning to support those objectives. These leaders are capable of working in the "now" while continuing to look around the corner at what is coming next. It is not enough to plan for growth or manage risk. Perception is the key to providing valuable insights which can guide the business through difficult times. A fractional CTO will often manage or participate in the following:

  • Technology roadmap planning

  • Evaluation of products and services

  • Oversight of software development activity

  • Vendor management

  • New technology assessment

  • SaaS platform evaluations

  • C-Suite education on technology topics

  • Managing cloud platform costs and usage

  • Development of Information Security & Compliance Policy

  • Capital allocation, ROI evaluation and budgeting

  • Contract review and negotiate

  • Patent and Technology IP Development

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